The black rainstorm this weekend (2020-06-06) is a reminder that the strong weather season has begun. Both heavy rain and high winds can greatly impact tree stability during this time. Research and statistics have shown that winds over 110km per hour can even impact seemingly healthy trees. Heavy rain can also increase the amount of weight on a tree’s leaves and branches, sometimes more than they are capable of handling.
Research has also proven that when trees are inspected by an arborist and pruned by arborists (as needed), this can greatly increase their stability and safety and reduce the likelihood of failure. When hiring a tree company, you should expect that their recommendations will last for a year in most cases.
Regarding ATP, when we inspect and prune trees, our goal is to aim for at least a year of improved safety. This includes pruning branches clear of buildings and roads, pruning dead branches, reducing tree height when needed, and making structurally correct pruning cuts in the process.
If you haven’t yet had your trees inspected and pruned this year, we recommend that you get this scheduled as soon as possible.
Want to reduce costs in the future? Ask us about our tree growth control treatment.