This three-day intensive classroom course prepares participants for the ISA Certified Arborist exam. This course is based upon Arborists’ Certification Study Guide by Sharon J. Lilly, which participants are expected to have read and reviewed.

In Hong Kong, the pass/fail ratio for the Certified Arborist exam is roughly 50:50, and many candidates take the test four or five times before passing. Proper individual preparation in combination with this course should allow the candidate to pass the Certified Arborist exam on his or her first attempt. Subjects covered in the exam and ATP’s training course include the following:

  •     Tree biology
  •     Tree identification
  •     Tree/soil relations
  •     Water management
  •     Tree nutrition and fertilization
  •     Tree selection
  •     Installation and establishment
  •     Pruning
  •     Tree support and protection systems
  •     Diagnosis and plant disorders
  •     Plant health care
  •     Tree assessment and risk management
  •     Trees and construction
  •     Safety
  •     Climbing and working in treesNote: The application form for ISA’s Certified Arborist exam can be downloaded on the ISA website.