Proper training and accumulated experience enable the tree worker to minimize risk when doing a job, but with each tree’s countless internal and external variables, the possibility of an accident can never be fully eliminated. This full-day course is designed to address the unpleasant but very real possibility that a tree worker may sustain injuries during tree work and require immediate assistance.

Participants in ATP’s aerial rescue course not only receive a certificate that can be used to verify required training experience when applying for the Certified Tree Worker (CTW) exam, they also learn skills that may one day enable them to save a fellow climber’s life. This course is strongly recommended for anyone engaged in tree work.

Course discussions include selecting the appropriate tools and rope application techniques for a wide variety of scenarios. ATP instructors will also demonstrate proper techniques for different aerial rescue situations, followed by simulated rescue scenarios using a dummy in which participants will put their training to practical use. The course is accompanied by the reference pamphlet Guidelines for Aerial Rescue and the Incapacitated Climber.

ATP is dedicated to promoting international best practices and safety awareness among tree workers in Asia, and offers this crucial course at a special low rate to make it accessible to all. Group discounts are also available.