Tree Preservation During Property Development

//Tree Preservation During Property Development
Tree Preservation During Property Development2016-12-19T10:48:26+08:00

When developing a property, it is often necessary for aesthetic or legal reasons to incorporate existing large or historic trees into a project plan.  ATP’s team of arborists can help with tree preservation planning and ongoing consulting through the entire development and construction process.

Incorporating existing trees into a development or construction project is best done from the initial planning stages. ATP has extensive experience working with client staff, from management to architects to machinery operators, in order to ensure that valuable trees are protected.

From the design table to the construction site, our team of certified arborists draws upon years of experience in identifying impact of construction work, advising courses of action that minimise potential of damage to the trees and site monitoring to guarantee that a property’s tree assets are properly incorporated into a project.

ATP can provide clients with comprehensive tree impact surveys (TIS), incorporating data and recommendations into a detailed but easy-to-understand document.