Trees growing in the city often conflict with utilities, roads, foundations, and construction plans. When developing a property, it is often necessary to incorporate existing trees into a project plan.  ATP utilises special equipment and techniques to safely work around trees and tree roots. We find solutions to complicated problems.

Planning Stage

ATP’s team of arborists can help with tree preservation planning and ongoing consulting through the entire development and construction process. ATP has extensive experience working with client staff, from management to architects to machinery operators, in order to ensure that trees are protected and costly tree damages are avoided. ATP can provide clients with comprehensive tree impact surveys (TIS), incorporating data and recommendations into a detailed but easy-to-understand plan.

Construction Stage

We utilise special equipment to safely identify and work around tree roots. We have helped many clients build structures between trees without impacting tree health. In Hong Kong, this option is crucial for accomplishing development goals while avoiding costly project scope changes. Some examples include:

  • Underground exploration for tree roots during planning
  • Locating spaces between roots for construction of underground footings

Trees and Utility Maintenance

ATP helps contractors and engineers find ways to work around tree roots without damaging them. This is crucial to get necessary work completed while still maintaining tree health. Examples of recent applications include:

  • Electric, telecommunication, or fiber optic cable installation and repair near trees
  • Underground gas pipe maintenance near trees

In some of our past projects, we have successfully helped clients accomplish work around Old and Valuable Trees.