Safety in tree operations begins on the ground. This course focuses on the crucial role performed by tree worker support staff on the ground, both in terms of accident prevention and overall job site safety. Participants in this course will learn how the groundsperson is responsible for assisting the climber with rigging and offering support during pruning and removal work.

The groundsperson’s job is as important as it is varied. In addition to disposal of brush and wood from pruning and removal operations, the groundsperson serves as the climber’s lifeline. Working with complex rigging equipment and their knowledge of the climber’s abilities and limitations, the groundsperson serves as a crucial extra pair of eyes as a climber manoeuvres and positions him/herself in a tree.

In order to familiarise the groundsperson with the importance of their work, participants in this course will be required to ascend a tree to understand how interaction and communication with the groundsperson should facilitate safe and efficient workflow.

ATP groundsperson training provides the opportunity to experience tree operations from a climber’s perspective by sending participants up a tree to manoeuvre and position as a tree worker would.

In addition to expert training emphasizing safe and ergonomic practices, ATP offers the option of assessing groundspeople to determine competency in ground operations. This course can be held at our training site or at the client’s site. Contact us today and start building your tree crew from the ground up.