Tree Removal Application and Compensatory Planting Proposal

When planning a tree’s removal, ATP’s certified arborists can assist with both emergency removal applications, standard removal applications, and compensatory tree planting proposals. This usually includes tree survey, and tree risk assessment reports for submission to the Hong Kong Lands Department to meet tree removal application requirements. We can also recommend appropriate replacement trees based upon the local environmental and topographical conditions as well as aesthetic considerations.

Tree Removal

Once the decision to remove a tree has been made, our team or certified arborists and certified tree workers bring rich skills and experience plus state-of-the-art equipment to a client’s site with a focus on safe and efficient removal of the tree or trees in question.

In addition to on-site expertise, ATP can also help its clients in Hong Kong submit tree removal applications to the government.

Some of the circumstances in which ATP recommends tree removal include:

  •     The tree has died or is dying with no chance of recovery
  •     After a tree risk assessment the tree has been determined to be a hazard tree
  •     The tree is an obstruction which cannot be mitigated through pruning
  •     The tree is crowding and harming other trees
  •     The tree is to be replaced by a species more suitable to the location
  •     The tree is unable to be preserved during construction or land development

Tree removal is also referred to as “tree felling”.