Soil Improvement for Tree Root Development

Trees are more than trunks and branches. Root systems comprise a large and crucial part of a tree’s structure and provide stability and water and nutrient uptake. Not surprisingly, roots often need to be looked at closely in order to analyse and address a tree’s health or structural issues. Due to the delicate nature of roots, simple tools such as shovels will damage tree roots. Instead, we use specialised equipment to safely work around tree roots. We can perform a variety of services including clearing soil for root inspection, locating roots, soil aeration and reduction of soil compaction, soil improvement, and root pruning for tree transplant preparation.


ATP utilises special chemical applications for various treatments that improve tree health, increase water retention, increase immunity to insects and disease, reduce fungal attack, reduce chlorosis, and increase root development.

For insect, disease, and fungi treatment, please visit the corresponding pages:

Insects & Mites Treatment

Fungi and Disease Treatment

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