Any individual tree’s growth and development is influenced by a multitude of factors. Under certain conditions, a tree may require structural support to ensure stability and safety. This two-day course, which includes classroom and practical components, introduces the structural factors and dynamics that determine a tree’s future growth, as well as the proper support systems to use in specific circumstances.

The primary focus of this course is on the usage and ramifications of static support systems such as galvanized steel cable versus dynamic support systems such as the Cobra® tree support system. Course content is presented within the context of tropical tree species, with an emphasis on the deployment of the Cobra system to prevent separation and the usage of load bracing for oversized branches.

The classroom component of this course utilises in-depth lectures accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation to introduce crucial principles of tree support systems. The practical component takes participants into the field to learn how to assess a tree’s structural issues plus how to prepare and apply the appropriate support system.

Participants are provided hands-on experience with both static and dynamic support systems, and a wide variety of real-world and theoretical conditions are explored.