Typhoon Preparation for Trees

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The best way to deal with accidents is to prevent them. ATP’s certified arborists specialize in preparing clients for the tree failure risks brought by typhoons and other severe weather. Simple and cost-effective measures such as targeted pruning or installation of tree support systems are often all that are required to prevent an invisible weakness from becoming a costly disaster.

Destructive storms can occur any time of the year in Hong Kong and across Southeast Asia, but this is especially true during typhoon season, which runs from June through October. Every year across the region, trees that would otherwise appear to be safe and stable end up damaging property and threatening safety through structural failure caused by powerful storms. In 2012 Typhoon Vicente toppled more than 4,700 trees in Hong Kong alone.

ATP arborists’ trained eyes can see hidden risks and potential liabilities in a site’s trees. When visual inspection is insufficient to determine the nature and extent of the danger posed by a tree, ATP can use high-tech precision instruments including the Rinntech Arbotom® sonic tomograph or Rinntech Resistograph® to see inside a tree’s trunk or limb and locate hidden decay and invisible cavities or cracks. Additionally, tools such as the Air-Spade® supersonic air jet digging tool allows our experts to take a close look at a tree’s roots without damaging them.

Regret is an emotion generally felt regarding actions one did not take. Don’t regret failing to prepare for the next storm – contact ATP today to learn more about your property’s storm risk profile.