We specialise in finding cost effective solutions for complex problems. Utilising ongoing research and cutting edge technology, we strive to offer our clients a compatible and comprehensive integrated service on a large scale. Our programmes include GIS integration, programme audits and ongoing reporting throughout the process.

Our solutions for vegetation management along roads, train lines, and utility right-of-way are unparalleled in maximising efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing worker safety meanwhile maintaining and even improving vegetation health and sustainability.

We understand that it’s not only trees that need maintenance and management around infrastructure. Our programmes also cover the management of grass and climbers that can infringe on infrastructure and result in high maintenance costs.

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Projects in the Region

ATP has consulted on various projects around the Asia region. In Ambon, Indonesia, we have assessed and managed 60-meter wide rain trees at a special heritate site. This involved many days of aerial assessments by tree climbing and careful analysis of branch attachments throughout the tree canopies. This was then followed by over a week of tree pruning for the removal of substantial hazardous branches in order to improve safety for the public. Ongoing assessment will help to improve safety for people visiting this location.

We have also consulted on over 30 hectares of woodlands at the Yokohama World War II Cemetery. After 20 years of overgrowth, the purpose of the project was to enhance the woodlands by taking an inventory and establishing a 5 phase improvement plan involving removal of hazardous trees, improvement of viable trees, and overall enhancement of the entire green environment of the cemetery.