Tree climbing is a core skill for arborists, requiring coordination, dexterity and attention to safety. ATP offers two-day training courses in tree climbing at our Hong Kong campus, with instruction, demonstration and coaching by staff certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Basic Tree Climbing Course

ATP’s basic tree climbing course introduces modern techniques and equipment used by arborists in tree climbing, with an emphasis on safety.

Our certified staff explain and demonstrate basic climbing methods, climbing systems and throwline methods as well as how to use climbing hitches, common knots and tree ascent and positioning options for safety and comfort.

After receiving instruction, course participants will put their new knowledge into practice on a variety of trees, sometimes with instructors climbing alongside them.

Advanced Tree Climbing Course

This course is designed for experienced climbers – participants must have completed our basic tree climbing course or provide two references that can attest to the participant’s extensive climbing experience.

Participants in our advanced tree climbing course will learn how to use the newest climbing hitches and latest climbing techniques for faster movement within trees. Our certified staff will introduce and demonstrate how to use secured footlocks with a variety of knots and lines, after which participants will be guided as they gain practical experience.

Safety will continue to be emphasized as more technical climbing systems are introduced. Retrievable false crotch options and multi-cam devices and pulleys will be applied for tall tree entry and single rope technique (SRT) ascent will be demonstrated and practiced on a variety of ropes.

This course explains many SRT options, including Petzl’s Croll® chest ascender and Pantin® foot ascender, which form the Tree Frog Climbing System. Double ascender foot straps from Buckingham Manufacturers will also be taught for climbing both sides of the climbing rope on long ascents. This course provides experienced climbers with many new options for increasing efficiency and reducing strain while climbing, while enabling the climber to go higher and work longer while increasing safety.

The instructors of this course focus on work positioning and demonstrate the proper approach to long climbs. Climbing spurs for tree removal can be introduced for those who are interested. A wide variety of tools and ropes will be available to handle and test out, providing participants an opportunity to understand this expensive equipment before making a purchase.