The chainsaw is one of the most useful tools in arboriculture, and it is also far and away one of the most dangerous. Given its importance in tree work, it is vital that any tree worker using a chainsaw have a firm grasp of basic chainsaw safety and maintenance.

This two-day course combines classroom instruction, shop maintenance and hands-on chainsaw experience to instil a deep understanding of how a chainsaw works and the proper way to use and maintain this powerful tool. Participants are introduced to several sizes and models of chainsaw. Personal protective equipment (PPE) used during cutting and felling is also explained

Chainsaw fundamentals covered on the first day include:

  •     Fuel and oil mixture and use
  •     Chainsaw field maintenance and cleaning
  •     Troubleshooting and common problems
  •     Tensioning and sharpening
  •     Chainsaw dynamics and potential hazards
  •     First aid

The course’s second day includes the following practical instruction:

  •     Starting the chainsaw
  •     Positioning of hands and feet
  •     Work planning and preparation
  •     Site and tree safety inspection
  •     Safe felling practices
  •     Ropes and basic rigging techniques
  •     Safe limbing and bucking of felled trees

If required, ATP can provide clients with an evaluation of individual worker competence regarding chainsaw usage and maintenance.