In Hong Kong, a “tree preservation clause” is often included in a property’s land lease agreement with the government.  If this clause is included, the requirement is that the property owner or tenant must first apply to the Lands Department for approval.  This includes living, dying, and dead trees.

Here is the instructions specified by the Hong Kong government:

  1. If the tree concerned is located on leased land with tree preservation clause(s), removal (inclusive of tree transplanting and/or tree felling) of such tree is controlled by the relevant lease clauses. [First check your land lease agreement]
  2. Prior to any tree removal, the lot owner or his/her representative shall submit a tree removal application to the respective District Lands Office of the Lands Department for approval. The application shall include tree information, reasons of tree removal and compensatory planting proposals. No tree removal is allowed until written approval is obtained from the Lands Department.
  3. For details and enquiries regarding tree removal applications, please refer to Lands Administration Office”s Practice Note Issue No. 7/2007 or contact the respective District Lands Office of the Lands Department.

ATP can help with this process:

  1. Inspect the trees and write a report
  2. Submit the tree removal application and supporting tree risk assessment report to Lands Department for approval
  3. Prepare the required compensatory tree planting proposal
  4. Follow-up with Lands Department until approval
  5. After approval, safely remove the trees

In the past, ATP has helped clients submit many tree removal applications for dangerous trees with 100% success rate.

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