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Incorporated in Hong Kong since 2007, ATP holds to the highest standards in tree management practices and requires all employees to further develop their skills through regular in-house training and self study.  We believe that arborists should become familiar with all aspects of arboriculture, both consulting and tree work, to have a deeper understanding of tree management.  We believe in safety for our staff; and honesty and integrity as our two main standards.

We believe that a company is the sum of its parts. This means that we strive for excellence at every level and support our team members in their development as individuals, as a team, and as a company. We believe that true success is built upon open and honest communication, mutual respect, honesty, and integrity.

ATP’s two directors, Donald Picker and Jonathan Picker, are from the United States.  In the office, English and Cantonese are used as the primary languages.  ATP has a friendly and comfortable office work environment.

All of our team members have received the opportunity to become “well-rounded” arborists in all aspects of tree care.

We require that all applications include a detailed list of education, work experience, salary history, certifications, references, special interests, and computer knowledge. Please fill in the application form to apply.

*We will consider candidates from any country.

Available Positions

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Join an exciting team of tree professionals in Hong Kong.