Schizophyllum commune

Fruiting Body Fruiting bodies (pilei) 1-3(5) cm in diameter, round, fan-shaped or kidney-shaped, flesh hard, becoming thin and elastic when wet, and fragile under dry conditions, outer surface felted, wavy, slightly lined, with white, grey-white or pale orange areas, margin curling inwards, either split or lobed, stemless, simply sitting on the substrate; spores 5-5.5μm × …

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Kretzschmaria sandvicensis

Fruiting Body Stromata 1.5-7 cm in diameter, 2-3 mm thick, separated, aggregated or fused, attached to substrate with narrow connectives, with crenate margins, surface brown-coppery to dark brown, with reticulate cracks, immediately beneath surface carbonaceous, tissue between and beneath perithecia brown to dark brown; perithecia 1.3-1.8 mm high, 0.6-1.5 mm wide, globose to obovoid; ostioles …

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