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Since 2007, Asia Tree Preservation (美亞樹藝服務有限公司) has helped clients in the public and private sectors in Hong Kong and beyond to ensure that their trees are assets rather than liabilities. ATP offers a comprehensive suite of tree consulting services including tree risk assessment, tree health care, insect and disease prevention and treatment, preservation of trees during development, expert witness,  and typhoon preparation. When integrated properly into a public or private space, trees can add beauty, function and value. The right trees in the right places can greatly enhance the user or visitor experience, be it in a commercial development, park, recreational club, school, housing estate, or private home. When neglected or poorly integrated into a space, however, trees can be more than just an eyesore, they can pose real risks to property and lives.

Problem Solvers

We recognize that cities around the world are constantly changing and developing. Yet it is imperative that trees be preserved during that development. When it comes to trees in the city, there is a delicate balance between infrastructure and environment. This is where we live. We are known as the “problem solvers” when it comes to resolving complex tree management situations such as high profile cases, heritage trees, old and valuable trees, wall trees, and trees that are classified in that grey area between safe and clearly hazardous. We pride ourselves on utilising the most up-to-date global research and technology for tree assessment, treatment, and mitigation methods along with thorough in-house training and partnership with tree experts around the world. Our resulting service is unparalleled in our region; and our clients receive the best service available.

Arborist Services

ATP’s multicultural and polylingual team of certified arborists and qualified tree risk assessors possesses decades of experience and is familiar with state-of-the-art tools such as the Rinntech Arbotom® and Rinntech Resistograph® – highly precise instruments which allow our experts to “see” inside a tree to analyse its structural integrity. In addition to consulting services, ATP also provides a full range of tree care services such as tree pruning, installation of tree support systems and, when necessary, tree removal.

Arboriculture is taking root throughout Asia; and ATP is proud to be an important provider of arboriculture industry best practices for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike. Our bespoke training programmes allow our government, corporate, educational and other clients to keep tree maintenance and risk assessment work in-house. Regardless of the nature of your business, if you have trees on your property, ATP’s arborists have solutions that will enable you to minimise existing risk and manage residual risk.

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