ATP offers one- and two-day courses in modern pruning methodology, combining classroom discussion with practical on-site tree practice.

Our pruning courses provide participants with essential knowledge of tree biology and physiology as well as structural dynamics and variations. Course discussions will introduce different species of trees and types of tree forms.

ATP experts take course participants into the field, where they clearly explain and demonstrate correct pruning methods before supervising practical application of these methods by the students themselves. Our usage of a helmet-cam during the practical component is a unique method that brings the classroom up into the trees that are being pruned.

Participants will be introduced to modern pruning tools and equipment and will use them in pruning work such as crown cleaning, crown thinning and crown raising or reduction. In addition to teaching pruning best practices, our arborists will also analyse the potential negative consequences of poor tree-cutting practices.

Video examples from past ATP jobs are an additional component of our training module. Upon completion of this course, participants will have a grasp of modern pruning techniques and terminology as well as the confidence that comes with field experience.