This three-day course prepares participants for the ISA Certified Tree Worker (CTW) examination, which includes a written test and a climbing evaluation. Applicants for the CTW exam must have previously completed aerial rescue training.

In addition to a strong determination to pass the examination, participants are required to already have a solid foundation in tree climbing and tree work. Participants must pass interviews by ATP trainers, all of whom are CTW themselves, and demonstrate proficiency in climbing and the usage of relevant equipment and tools.

This course covers tree ascent, knot-tying, limb-walking and other crucial tree work skills. Participants will be provided with outlines of the skills climb component of the exam in English and Chinese as well as the scoring sheets used by judges.

ATP’s CTW exam preparation course starts with two days of field practice and concludes with a third day of intensive review. All three days are based upon the arboriculture industry’s standard textbook Tree Climbers’ Guide.

Application forms for the CTW exam can be found on the ISA website.