Perina nuda, Banyan Tussock Moth

The insects are medium-sized moths.

Global distribution

Indian Subregion, Nepal, China, Japan (Wang et al., 1982a; Peng & Liu, 1992; Kishida, 1993d; Wang, 1993; page 350 Holloway, 1999). H.K. distribution: widespread. H.K. status: common in woodland, shrubland, also recorded in mangroves, reedbeds and grassland; multivoltine, in an undetermined number of generations; recorded primarily during the dry season from late September to mid-June, peaks occur in mid-October, late November, late December, midFebruary and mid-April. H.K.


Larvae are found on the leaves of Ficus microcarpa and F. rumphii (Moraceae). Larvae and the pupae of this species were particularly common on the leaves of F. microcarpa.

The forewings of the adult male is mostly hyaline while the female is larger with both wings yellow-brown in color.