A tree failure occurred in a park in Yuen Long in September 2016.  “white ant s” (termites) were noted at the point of tree failure.  This is an example of when subterranean termites such as Coptotermes formosanus attack a tree from below the ground.  They usually are not visible from outside the tree – all the more reason that trees must be regularly inspected.

Source: Coconuts HK/Appledaily/On.cc

A five-year-old girl was injured while visiting a Yuen Long playground with her grandpa this afternoon when a 20-metre-tall evergreen tree suddenly fell and landed on a swingset.

The accident took place at around 4pm at Sai Ching Street Playground, according to Sing Tao. Thankfully, the tree trunk landed on the swingset frame, and the girl was only injured by its fallen branches. Passersby helped brush the branches away and called an ambulance for the girl. Luckily, she only sustained abrasions to her arm, but was taken to hospital for treatment.

Oriental Daily reports that the base of the tree appeared to have suffered from bacterial rot, and white termites were spotted crawling around in the trunk after it split open.