Branches broken, still hanging in the crown

Call an arborist to have the “hangers” removed, and make clean cuts at a lateral branch or bud.

Tree hit by vehicle

If possible, get the license plate number, name, and insurance information of the driver. Document the tree’s injuries with photographs. Contact an arborist to evaluate the damage.

Wounded trunk

Use a scissors or hand pruner to cut off any loose bark. Monitor health. Do not apply “wound paint.”

Chemical spill around tree

Call an arborist, asking for someone with experience in soil contamination.

Root severed

Photograph and call an arborist to assess safety and make treatments as necessary.


Monitor the trunk to see if it begins to lean in one direction. Check the ground area around the roots to see if the soil or grass has lifted. If so, contact an arborist right away for a safety assessment. Monitor the tree’s health over time. It may take a year or more for symptoms to appear.

Lightning or storm damage

Call an arborist to assess safety and make necessary treatments