1) in cabling. a closed termination loop. hand found in common-grade cable by wrapping the successive strands back upon the standing part to attach the cable to anchor hardware. 2) a rope or cable splice that forms a closed eye or loop.

eye splice (Wikipedia)

The eye splice is a method of creating a permanent loop (an "eye") in the end of a rope by means of rope splicing.

Eye splice
NamesEye splice, sailmaker's eye splice
ABoK#17, #2745, #2754
Eye splices from Carl Smith's 1899 Båtseglareordbok
Eye splice from Alpheus Hyatt Verrill's 1917 Knots, Splices and Rope Work

The Flemish eye is a type of circular loop at the end of a thread. There are several techniques of creating the eye with its knot tied back to the line, rope or wire.

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