phylum. Taxonomic group below the kingdom level but above the class level.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
division (noun)
a) the act or process of the state of being - dividing divided
b) the act, process, or an instance of distributing among a number - distribution
c) obsolete a method of arranging or disposing (as troops)
one of the parts or groupings into which a whole is divided or is - divisible
the condition or an instance of being divided in opinion or interest - disagreement disunity exploited the divisions between the two countries
a) something that , separates, or marks off - divides
b) the act, process, or an instance of separating or keeping apart - separation
the mathematical operation of dividing something
a) a self-contained major military unit capable of independent action
b) a tactical military unit composed of headquarters and usually three to five brigades
c) (1) the basic naval administrative unit
(2) a tactical subdivision of a squadron of ships
d) a unit of the United States Air Force higher than a wing and lower than an air force
a) a portion of a territorial unit marked off for a particular purpose (as administrative or judicial functions)
b) an administrative or operating unit of a governmental, business, or educational organization
the physical separation into different lobbies of the members of a parliamentary body voting for and against a question
plant propagation by dividing parts and planting segments capable of producing roots and shoots
a group of organisms forming part of a larger group , specifically a primary category of the plant kingdom in biological taxonomy that is typically equivalent to a phylum
a competitive class or category (as in boxing or wrestling) part
division (Wikipedia)

Division or divider may refer to:

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