Advanced Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Risk Assessment

There are various methods for collecting the data necessary for determining tree safety on properties. Some methods collect general information while other methods are much more detailed. These are categorized into three levels: Level 1 Tree Assessment This method is used for large groups of trees and its purpose is to map locations, number trees, …

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Trees, Construction, Utility, Infrastructure

Construction and Utility Management

Trees growing in the city often conflict with utilities, roads, foundations, and construction plans. When developing a property, it is often necessary to incorporate existing trees into a project plan.  ATP utilises special equipment and techniques to safely work around trees and tree roots. We find solutions to complicated problems. Planning Stage ATP’s team of …

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Tree Selection and Planting Services

Tree Selection Consulting

ATP’s certified arborists help clients select trees according to the guiding principle of “the right tree for the right place”. Selecting the right tree for the right place means the client will not only have good-looking healthy trees that perform the functions required of them, they will also save as much as millions of dollars …

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Arboriculture Glossary

  Glossary of Arboriculture Terms, 2015 Edition International Society of Arboriculture

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