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Typhoon Level 10 Hato Dessimated 1000’s of trees in Hong Kong, Arborists Are Working to Remove Fallen Trees and Inspect Potentially Dangerous Ones

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In the aftermath of Typhoon Hato yesterday (August 23, 2017), Hong Kong is left with an utter mess of trees having fallen across major roads, impacting infrastructure and damaging property.  Here are some of the news articles showing the extent of the damages:

“The Coolest Jobs on the Earth” series by Redbull TV –

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“What it means to be an arborist”

Jon Picker & ATP had the enjoyable opportunity to be involved with the filming of a documentary about arborists and tree climbing.  The documentary focuses on the daily work of climbing arborist Will Koomjian.  Filming takes place in Oregon USA and Hong Kong.  Will has worked with ATP since […]

Roots of ATP

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ATP is the culmination of the Picker family’s long-running love affair with trees. Both sides of the Picker family have long been involved in different aspects of the tree business. The family of Lynne Picker, wife of ATP-cofounder Don Picker and mother of ATP co-founder Jon Picker, established Swedberg Nursery in Battle Lake, Minnesota, […]

Our Certifications

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At ATP we uphold the strictest arboriculture standards and only employ current best practices in any work we do, regardless of the size or difficulty of the job.

But don’t take our word for it – we have a full range of certifications from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), from Certified Tree Worker on up […]

Affiliate Organisations

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ATP is a participating member of arboriculture organization here in Hong Kong as well as in the United States, in addition to being members of the worldwide organization International Society of Arboriculture.

Our involvement in these industry organizations provides us access to multiple platforms through which we can share our experiences and learn from those of […]

ATP Logo and Acronym

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ATP Logo

ATP - Asia Tree Preservation Logo

The Asia Tree Preservation logo is derived from the Chinese character for “Asia”:


The crown of the tree was formed using a gingko biloba leaf.

The Ginkgo – Ginkgo biloba; in Chinese ‘銀杏’ – and also known as the Maidenhair […]

Client List

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ATP provided tree preservation services for MTR Corporation’s West Island Line project

Since our founding in 2007, ATP has had the privilege of serving several departments of the Hong Kong government as Qualified Arborists and Independent Tree Specialists , often playing a crucial role in very high-profile projects. Departments of the […]