Dear Clients of ATP,

I am contacting you as a severe typhoon is on its way to Hong Kong today.  With a high potential of strong winds and rain, it is important to be cautious around trees during and after a typhoon.  Branches may break and even entire trees may be uprooted.

Here is a list of things to check after a typhoon has occurred:
Split trunk – Trees with split trunks have a high likelihood of failure after a storm and should be checked.
Cracks – If cracks are noted in the tree trunk or larger branches, this should be inspected.
Leaning tree – trees that were straight before a storm but now appear to be leaning.  This is a sign of possible tree root failure and must be inspected further.
Holes in the crown – If light is coming through the tree leaves much more than before, it is possible that some branches have broken in the crown of the tree.  Sometimes those branches don’t fall down until after the storm has passed.
Different shaded (colour) leaves – Leaves are often a different shade of green colour on top and underneath the leaf.  If you notice that parts of the tree crown seem a different shade of green, this might mean that branches have broken in the crown.  This should be checked by an arborist.

If you notice these types of things with trees on your property, please take caution and avoid going under the tree until it has been inspected.

Here is an illustration of the different parts of a tree that should be inspected.  While most typhoon damage occurs in the “crown” such as broken branches, it is also important to check for less obvious damage such as cracks in the “stem” (tree trunk).  These can be dangerous.

Here is an example of a crack in a branch.  The branch did not fall down during the typhoon, however, it is still very dangerous after the storm.  This example of storm damage requires tree pruning to remove the affected branch before it falls down.

This is another example of a crack in the stem.  It is less easy to see this type of crack clearly, however, it can also be dangerous and should be inspected thoroughly by a Certified Arborist.

If you would like to read more information about storms and trees, you can view this useful PDF file from Purdue University, USA – click here to view

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