Tree Care Services for Private Homes

Trees growing near homes need to be properly managed to improve safety for people and to maintain the health of trees. Our team of experienced arborists can help inspect your trees’ health and structure and offer recommendations for best management.

Prepare for Typhoons

Research has proven trees that are pruned before typhoons have fewer branch failures. We also use special pruning techniques for reducing tree failure potential during high winds. This can greatly improve safety and reduce potential damages to property.

Advanced Pruning Techniques

Using advanced tree climbing techniques, we can reach any part of a tree located in almost any place. This allows us to safely cut dead or broken branches and carefully lower them to the ground using rigging equipment and methods. Our experienced team of arborists can manage almost any situation.

Tree Support Systems

We can install support systems to reduce tree or branch failure potential. This can further increase safety for trees growing where people live.

Tree Health Care

Trees sometimes need our help when they are under stress. Stress is caused by a wide variety of reasons. At times, insects or fungi attack trees and can cause serious damage. We utilise special treatment strategies to help the tree combat these attacks and maintain tree health.

Need Help with a Tree? Call ATP…

We offer tree services in English and Cantonese. Please contact us today if you need help with trees on your property.

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