defined area of a job site. marked with caution signs and/or cones. where potential hazards exist and safety measures are in place to avoid accidents.

work zone (Wikipedia)

Roadworks (called road work or road construction in the United States) occur when part of the road, or in rare cases, the entire road, has to be occupied for work relating to the road, most often in the case of road surface repairs. In the United States road work could also mean any work conducted in close proximity of travel way (thoroughfare) such as utility work or work on power lines (i.e. telephone poles). The general term of road work is known as work zone.

Replacing the old road with cobblestones of cement in Bo'ao Road area, Haikou City, Hainan, China.
Pateros Traffic Enforcer And Roadworks Road Closed Construction in Pateros, Metro Manila, Philippines.
A road work at the Torikatu street in Oulu, Finland.
Roadworks RV70 01.jpg

Roadworks can, however, also happen when a major accident occurs and road debris from the crash needs to be cleared.

Road workers crushing rocks, in the mountains near Kullu
Highway repairs near Manali, India

Roadworks are often signposted, although it is possible that the signage comes too late or too sudden or is missing. Typical road work traffic controls are temporary signs, traffic cones, barrier boards and t-top bollards as well as other forms of warning devices. There are standards of temporary traffic control (maintenance of traffic) established in each country for various type of road work.

Roadworks are frequently carried out throughout the night so as to minimize traffic disruption.

Currently there are very few sources of accurate roadworks information sites available that report on the status of current works and future works. In the UK the website, an initiative run by ELGIN, aims to provide a national and live dataset of roadworks for the purpose of coordination and reporting. It includes roadworks information supplied by Local Authorities and national agencies like the Highways Agency.

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