knot consisting of a series of wraps on a line and used to secure the line to a limb or tree.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
timber hitch (noun)
a knot used to secure a line to a log or spar - see knot illustration
timber hitch (Wikipedia)

The timber hitch is a knot used to attach a single length of rope to a cylindrical object. Secure while tension is maintained, it is easily untied even after heavy loading.

Timber hitch
Timber Hitch (PSF).png
NamesTimber hitch, Fig.8 Timber Hitch, Bowyer's Knot, Lumberman's Knot, Countryman's Knot
RelatedKillick hitch
ABoK#1668,#195, #479, #1665, #2161

The timber hitch is a very old knot. It is first known to have been mentioned in a nautical source c. 1625 and illustrated in 1762.

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