shoot arising from the roots (contrast with watersprout).

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
sucker (noun)
a) one that especially a breast or udder - sucks suckling
b) a device for creating or regulating suction (as a piston or valve in a pump)
c) a pipe or tube through which something is drawn by suction
d) (1) an organ in various animals for adhering or holding
(2) a mouth (as of a leech) adapted for or adhering - sucking
a shoot from the roots or lower part of the stem of a plant
any of numerous chiefly North American freshwater bony fishes (family Catostomidae) closely related to the carps but distinguished from them especially by the structure of the mouth which usually has thick soft lips - compare hog sucker white sucker
- lollipop
a) a person easily cheated or deceived
b) a person irresistibly attracted by something specified - a sucker for ghost stories
c) - used as a generalized term of reference see if you can get that sucker working again
sucker (verb)
transitive verb
to remove from - suckers sucker tobacco
intransitive verb
- hoodwink to send out suckers - corn suckers abundantly
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