1) pruning to improve the structure. form. and appearance of trees that have been vandalized. damaged. or improperly trimmed. 2) management and planting to restore altered or damaged ecosystems or landscapes. 3) replacement or reproduction of damaged or destroyed plants.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
restoration (noun)
an act of or the condition of being as - restoring restored
a) a bringing back to a former position or condition - reinstatement the restoration of peace
b) - restitution
c) a restoring to an unimpaired or improved condition - the restoration of a painting
d) the replacing of missing teeth or crowns
something that is restored , especially a representation or reconstruction of the original form (as of a fossil or a building)
a) the reestablishing of the monarchy in England in 1660 under Charles II
b) the period in English history usually held to coincide with the reign of Charles II but sometimes to extend through the reign of James II
restoration (Wikipedia)

Restoration may refer to:

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