written order granting permission to conduct a specified task or action.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
permit (verb)
transitive verb
to consent to expressly or formally - permit access to records
to give leave - authorize
intransitive verb
to make possible - the design permits easy access to give an opportunity - allow if time permits
permit (noun)
a written warrant or license granted by one having authority - a gun permit
- permission
permit (noun)
either of two pompanos ( and ) that are important game fishes of temperate to tropical waters of the western Atlantic - Trachinotus falcatus T. goodei
permit (Wikipedia)

Permit may refer to:

  • Permit (fish), a game fish of the western Atlantic Ocean belonging to the family Carangidae, Trachinotus falcatus
  • Various legal licenses:
    • License
    • Work permit, legal authorization which allows a person to take employment
    • Learner's permit, restricted license that is given to a person who is learning to drive
    • International Driving Permit, allows an individual to drive a private motor vehicle in another nation
    • Disabled parking permit, displayed upon a vehicle carrying a person whose mobility is significantly impaired
    • Protest permit, permission granted by a governmental agency for a demonstration
    • Construction permit, required in most jurisdictions for new construction, or adding onto pre-existing structures
    • Filming permit, required in most jurisdictions for filming motion pictures and television
    • Home Return Permit, Mainland (China) Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents
    • One-way Permit, document issued by the PRC allowing residents of mainland China to leave the mainland for Hong Kong
  • Thresher/Permit class submarine, a class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines in service with the United States Navy
  • USS Permit (SS-178), a Porpoise-class submarine of the United States Navy
  • USS Permit (SSN-594), the lead ship of her class of submarine of the United States Navy
  • Permit (film), a 1979 Pakistani Punjabi film
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