pertaining to leaf shape. lopsided. with one side larger than the other.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
oblique (adjective)
a) neither perpendicular nor parallel - inclined
b) having the not perpendicular to the base - axis an oblique cone
c) having no right angle - an oblique triangle
a) not straightforward - indirect , also - obscure
b) - devious underhanded
situated at an angle and having one end not inserted on bone - oblique muscles
taken from an airplane with the camera directed horizontally or diagonally downward - an oblique photograph
oblique (noun)
something (as a line) that is oblique
any of several oblique muscles , especially any of the thin flat muscles forming the middle and outer layers of the lateral walls of the abdomen
oblique (adverb)
at a 45 degree angle - to the right oblique, march
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