Murraya paniculata 

"Orange jessamine" redirects here. This common name can also refer to Cestrum aurantiacum.

Murraya paniculata
Murraya paniculata line draing.gif
Line drawing of Murraya paniculata, showing flowers and fruit
Scientific classification
M. paniculata
Binomial name
Murraya paniculata
  • Camunium exoticum (L.) Kuntze
  • Chalcas cammuneng Burm.f.
  • Chalcas exotica (L.) Millsp.
  • Chalcas intermedia M.Roem.
  • Chalcas japanensis Lour.
  • Chalcas paniculata L.
  • Chalcas sumatrana M.Roem.
  • Connarus foetens Blanco
  • Connarus santaloides Blanco
  • Murraya exotica L.
  • Murraya omphalocarpa Hayata

Murraya paniculata is a tropical, evergreen plant native to South Asia, Southeast Asia and China and Australia. bearing small, white, scented flowers. The species is widely is grown as an ornamental tree or hedge. Murraya is closely related to Citrus, and bears small orange to red fruit resembling kumquats, though some cultivars do not set fruit.

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