leaf segments that project outward. creating voids (sinuses) between the segments (contrast with sinus).

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
lobe (noun)
a curved or rounded projection or division , specifically a usually somewhat rounded projection or division of a bodily organ or part
lobe (Wikipedia)

Lobe may refer to:

  • Lobe (anatomy)
  • Lobe (surname)
  • Lobation, a characteristic of the nucleus of certain biological cells
  • Glacial lobe, a lobe-shaped glacier
  • Delta lobe or deltaic lobe, the projection of a river delta mouth into standing water
  • Sidelobe, an identifiable segment of an antenna radiation pattern
    • Grating lobe, a sidelobe that is much higher than all other side lobes, approximately the same as the main beam — exists only in phased arrays
    • Main lobe, the lobe containing the maximum power
  • Acoustic lobe, radiation pattern exhibited by multi-driver loudspeakers
  • Lobe, a large-scale structure of a radio galaxy
  • Roche lobe, the region of space around a star in a binary system within which orbiting material is gravitationally bound to that star
  • Lobe, an oblong protrusion from a camshaft
  • The Lobe, a character in Freakazoid!
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