device used to take core samples from trees to determine age or detect problems. such as decay (see micro drill resistance testing). indeterminate growth continued growth due to sustained activity of the apical and lateral meristems (contrast with determinate growth).

increment borer (Wikipedia)

An increment borer is a specialized tool used to extract a section of wood tissue from a living tree with relatively minor injury to the plant itself. The tool consists of a handle, an auger bit and a small, half circular metal tray ( the core extractor) that fits into the auger bit; the last is usually manufactured from carbide steel. It is most often used by foresters, researchers and scientists to determine the age of a tree. This science is also called dendrochronology. The operation enables the user to count the rings in the core sample, to reveal the age of the tree being examined and its growth rate. After use the tool breaks down: auger bit and extractor fit within the handle, making it highly compact and easy to carry.

Haglof increment borer
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