India-rubber Tree – Caoutchuc

Ficus elastica (Wikipedia)

Rubber fig
Ficus elastica leaves 02.JPG
Scientific classification
F. elastica
Binomial name
Ficus elastica
Roxb. ex Hornem. 1819 not Roxb. 1832 nor Roxb. 1814 (the last one not validly published)
  • Ficus clusiifolia Summerh. 1929 not Schott 1827
  • Ficus cordata Kunth & C.D.Bouché 1846 not Thunb. 1786
  • Ficus elastica var. belgica L.H.Bailey & E.Z.Bailey
  • Ficus elastica var. benghalensis Blume
  • Ficus elastica var. decora Guillaumin
  • Ficus elastica var. karet (Miq.) Miq.
  • Ficus elastica var. minor Miq.
  • Ficus elastica var. odorata (Miq.) Miq.
  • Ficus elastica var. rubra L.H.Bailey & E.Z.Bailey
  • Ficus karet (Miq.) King
  • Ficus skytinodermis Summerh.
  • Ficus taeda Kunth & C.D.Bouché
  • Macrophthalma elastica (Roxb. ex Hornem.) Gasp.
  • Visiania elastica (Roxb. ex Hornem.) Gasp.

Ficus elastica, the rubber fig, rubber bush, rubber tree, rubber plant, or Indian rubber bush, Indian rubber tree, is a species of plant in the fig genus, native to eastern parts of South Asia and southeast Asia. It has become naturalized in Sri Lanka, the West Indies, and the US State of Florida.

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