knot commonly used to attach hardware to a tree. Should be backed up or finished with a half hitch.

cow hitch (Wikipedia)

The cow hitch, also called the lark's head, is a hitch knot used to attach a rope to an object. The cow hitch comprises a pair of single hitches tied in opposing directions, as compared to the clove hitch in which the single hitches are tied in the same direction. It has several variations and is known under a variety of names. It can be tied either with the end of the rope or with a bight.

Girth hitch
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NamesGirth hitch, Lark's head, Lark's foot, Ring hitch, Lanyard hitch, Bale Sling hitch, Baggage Tag Loop, Tag Knot, Deadeye hitch, Running eye
RelatedClove hitch, Cat's paw, Bale sling hitch, Prusik, Halter hitch
Typical useTying a rope to a ring or pole
CaveatCan fail unless equal tension is applied to both of the standing parts of the rope.
ABoK#5, #56, #59, #244, #310, #1184, #1673, #1694, #1698, #1700, #1802, #2163, #2164, #2168, #2175, #3317
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