1) amount of open space between a tree or tree part and another object. the ground. or pedestrian or vehicle traffic on the ground. 2) in an electric utility system and utility arboriculture. the distance between trees and utility lines (especially poles. crossarms. and conductors). 3) the creation or maintenance of these distances by qualified line-clearance personnel; line clearance work.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
clearance (noun)
an act or process of as - clearing
a) the removal of buildings from an area (as a city slum)
b) the act of clearing a ship at the customhouse , also the papers showing that a ship has - cleared
c) the offsetting of checks and other claims among banks through a - clearinghouse
d) certification as of objection - clear authorization security clearance
e) a sale to clear out stock
f) authorization for an aircraft to proceed especially with a specified action - clearance to land
the distance by which one object another or the clear space between them - clears
the volume of blood or plasma that can be freed of a specified constituent in a specified time by its excretion into the urine through the kidneys - a creatine clearance of 25 milliliters per minute called also renal clearance
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