Batavia Cinnamon

Cinnamomum burmanni (or Cinnamomum burmannii), also known as Indonesian cinnamon, Padang cassia, Batavia cassia, or korintje, is one of several plants in the genus Cinnamomum whose bark is sold as the spice cinnamon. It is an evergreen tree native to southeast Asia.

Indonesian cinnamon
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Scientific classification Edit this classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Magnoliids
Order: Laurales
Family: Lauraceae
Genus: Cinnamomum
C. burmanni
Binomial name
Cinnamomum burmanni
(Nees & T.Nees) Blume
  • Cinnamomum ammannii Lukman.
  • Cinnamomum burmanni var. angustifolium Meisn.
  • Cinnamomum burmanni var. chinense (Blume) Meisn.
  • Cinnamomum burmanni var. kiamis (Nees) Meisn.
  • Cinnamomum cassia Siebold
  • Cinnamomum chinense Blume
  • Cinnamomum dulce (Roxb.) Nees
  • Cinnamomum dulce var. ammannii Lukman.
  • Cinnamomum dulce var. sieboldii Lukman.
  • Cinnamomum dulce var. thunbergii Lukman.
  • Cinnamomum hainanense Nakai
  • Cinnamomum kiamis Hassk.
  • Cinnamomum kiamis Nees
  • Cinnamomum macrostemon Hayata
  • Cinnamomum miaoshanense S.Lee & F.N.Wei
  • Cinnamomum mindanaense Elmer
  • Cinnamomum mutabile Blume ex Miq.
  • Cinnamomum nitidum (Roxb.) Hook.
  • Cinnamomum sieboldii Lukman.
  • Cinnamomum suaveolens Lukman.
  • Cinnamomum thunbergii Lukman.
  • Laurus cinnamomoides Nees
  • Laurus cinnamomum Blanco
  • Laurus burmanni Nees & T.Nees
  • Laurus dulcis Roxb.
  • Laurus nitida Roxb.
  • Persea dulcis (Roxb.) Spreng.
  • Persea nitida (Roxb.) Spreng.
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