friction knot climbers use. sometimes in place of the tautline hitch or Prusik knot.

Blake's hitch (Wikipedia)
Blake's hitch
Blakes hitch knot retouched.png
OriginHeinz Prohaska
RelatedPrusik knot, Sailor's hitch, Bachmann knot, Klemheist knot
Typical useClimbing

The Blake's hitch is a friction hitch commonly used by arborists and tree climbers as an ascending knot. Unlike other common climbing hitches, which often use a loop of cord, the Blake's hitch is formed using the end of a rope. Although it is a stable knot, it is often backed up with a stopper knot, such as a figure-of-eight knot, for safety. It is used for both ascending and descending, and is preferred by many arborists over other hitches, such as the taut-line hitch, as it is less prone to binding.

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