friction knot climbers use. sometimes in place of the tautline hitch or Prusik knot.

Blake's hitch (Wikipedia)

The Blake's hitch is a friction hitch commonly used by arborists and tree climbers as an ascending knot. Unlike other common climbing hitches, which often use a loop of cord, the Blake's hitch is formed using the end of a rope. Although it is a stable knot, it is often backed up with a stopper knot, such as a figure-of-eight knot, for safety. It is used for both ascending and descending, and is preferred by many arborists over other hitches, such as the taut-line hitch, as it is less prone to binding.

Blake's hitch
Blakes hitch knot retouched.png
OriginHeinz Prohaska
RelatedPrusik knot, Sailor's hitch, Bachmann knot, Klemheist knot
Typical useClimbing
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