Belamcanda chinensis 

Iris domestica, commonly known as leopard lily, blackberry lily, and leopard flower, is an ornamental plant in the family Iridaceae. In 2005, based on molecular DNA sequence evidence, Belamcanda chinensis, the sole species in the genus Belamcanda, was transferred to the genus Iris and renamed Iris domestica.

Leopard flower
Belamcanda chinensis 2007.jpg
Iris domestica growing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Iridaceae
Genus: Iris
I. domestica
Binomial name
Iris domestica
(L.) Goldblatt & Mabb.
  • Belamcanda chinensis (L.) DC.
  • Belamcanda chinensis var. curtata Makino
  • Belamcanda chinensis f. flava Makino
  • Belamcanda chinensis var. taiwanensis S.S.Ying
  • Belamcanda chinensis f. vulgaris Makino
  • Belamcanda flabellata Grey
  • Belamcanda pampaninii H.Lév.
  • Belamcanda punctata Moench [Illegitimate]
  • Bermudiana guttata Stokes
  • Epidendrum domesticum L.
  • Ferraria crocea Salisb.
  • Gemmingia chinensis (L.) Kuntze
  • Gemmingia chinensis f. aureoflora Makino
  • Gemmingia chinensis f. rubriflora Makino
  • Ixia chinensis L.
  • Ixia ensifolia Noronha
  • Moraea chinensis (L.) Thunb.
  • Moraea chinensis (L.) Collander in Thunb.
  • Moraea guttata Stokes
  • Pardanthus chinensis (L.) Ker Gawl.
  • Pardanthus nepalensis Sweet
  • Pardanthus sinensis Van Houtte
  • Vanilla domestica (L.) Druce
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