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Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
becket (noun)
a device for holding something in place as
a) a grommet or a loop of rope with a knot at one end to catch in an eye at the other
b) a ring of rope or metal
c) a loop of rope (as for a handle)
Becket (biographical name)
Saint Thomas 1118–1170 archbishop of Canterbury (1162–70) - ca Thomas à Becket
becket (Wikipedia)
Written byJean Anouilh
CharactersThomas Becket
King Henry II
King Louis VII
Cardinal Zambelli
Pope Alexander III
Bishop Folliot
Brother John
Empress Matilda
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Prince Henry
Prince John
Date premiered8 October 1959
Place premieredTheatre Montparnasse
Original languageFrench
SettingTwelfth century Europe

Becket or The Honour of God (French: Becket ou l'honneur de Dieu) is a play written in French by Jean Anouilh. It is a depiction of the conflict between Thomas Becket and King Henry II of England leading to Becket's assassination in 1170. It contains many historical inaccuracies, which the author acknowledged.

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