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The Air Spade ® supersonic air jet digging tool uses air traveling as fast as Mach 2 to loosen or aerate soil. When compressed air is directed into soil at close range, air enters the spaces between particles, expanding the soil. Stronger, non-porous materials such as metal, plastic pipes, cables, and tree roots are unaffected. Air Spade works in most soils, including compacted soils and hard clays.  ATP utilizes this tool for tree root assessment, tree preservation, improving tree health, soil decompaction, and installation of underground utilities near trees.

Why Use the Air Spade?

Trees are more than trunks and branches – root systems comprise a large and crucial part of tree structures, providing both stability and nutrients. Not surprisingly, roots often need to be looked at closely in order to analyse and address a tree’s health or structural issues. Due to the delicate nature of roots, simple tools such as shovels are not suited to removing the soil surrounding a tree’s root system.

Using an Air Spade, an ATP certified arborist can perform a variety of additional tasks, including clearing soil for root inspection, locating roots for pruning, soil aeration and reduction of compaction, vertical mulching or bare rooting to prepare a tree for transplant.

ATP is proud to have pioneered the use of Air-Spade in Hong Kong and Asia. Contact us today to learn how we can use the Air-Spade to inspect and treat your trees’ root systems.

Air Spade Device Details and Specifications