Institute of Arboriculture Studies (Hong Kong)

IASHK: Institute of Arboriculture Studies (HK)

IASHK was originally started and developed by the 2 Directors of ATP, Don Picker and Jon Picker in 2008.  IASHK serves the Asia arboriculture industry by offering annual spring training programs and November seminars related to arboriculture and urban forestry.  Each November in Hong Kong, IASHK coordinates various experts and professors from around the world to speak at the International Arboriculture Summit (Hong Kong) on topics such as tree management, preservation, planting, transplanting, tree risk assessment, tree pruning, soil sciences, new technology, and best management practices.

Attendees for the conference include Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, United States, and Hong Kong.  Past keynote speakers have included Professor Edward Gilman, Dr. Gary Watson, Jim Clark, Nelda Matheny, Frank Rinn, Neville Fay, Dr. Tom Smiley, and many more.  In 2017, IASHK will celebrate 10 years of education by hosting an annual summit in November.

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Arbortools (HK)

Arbortools (HK), Ltd.

Arbortools offers a full range of products related to the arboriculture industry.  This includes technical devices such as the Rinntech Resistograph, Rinntech Arbotom sonic tomograph, ICT SAP Flow Meter, Guardair Air Spade, Cobra tree support system, and Tree Risk Assessment tools.

Additionally, Arbortools offers a full range of tree climbing and rigging equipment such as the GRCS, climbing harnesses, personal protective equipment, climbing and rigging ropes, carabiners, blocks and pulleys, and various other devices used for tree climbing, rigging, and general management.

Visit the Arbortools website and mention you were referred by the ATP website for a discount on products.

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