Today (August 10, 2020) the Hong Kong government announced new funding specifically for those currently studying tree-related degree courses.

ATP has a reputation for offering its team members a vast amount of opportunities for learning new skills in arboriculture. This doesn’t just include report writing and office work. We offer hands-on field experience alongside experienced arborists.

We believe in a mentor/apprentice method of learning. We also believe that a well-rounded arborist has a better understanding of trees and can make well-informed decisions.

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Hong Kong Government Announcement:

The Development Bureau today announced that the Trainee Programme has opened for applications with the goal of encouraging employers to engage and train arboriculture and tree management graduates to become quality arborists and tree climbers.

The programme, under the Urban Forestry Support Fund, is applicable to graduates of arboriculture, tree management and tree work programmes at Qualifications Framework Level 3 to 5 offered by local vocational, tertiary and training institutions.

The graduates will be offered on-the-job training to acquire work experience, paving the way for qualified arborists and tree climbers in the future to support tree management and maintenance work in Hong Kong.

The programme will provide a training allowance of about 30% of agreed monthly remuneration levels to the trainees through their employers, as well as a bonus of $30,000 and $20,000 upon their acquisition of recognised arborist or tree climber professional qualifications.

The training periods for arborist and tree climber trainees are three years and 18 months respectively.

Accepting applications from employers throughout the year, the programme is expected to benefit around 100 graduates each year.

Relevant tree management departments will also join the programme and work hand in hand with the industry to train arborists and tree climbers, the bureau added.

The Construction Industry Council has been commissioned to administer the programme. Click here for details.

Chinese News Announcements:

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