Tree Survey

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Tree Survey is a systematic review of all the trees on a property performed by one of ATP’s several certified arborists and tree risk assessors.

ATP performs tree surveys for clients for many reasons, including:

  • The client wants a documented cataloguing of all the trees on their property
  • For legal purposes the client wishes to demonstrate that due diligence has been performed regarding the safety of a property’s trees
  • A tree survey is required by a government department
  • The client requires a clear plan for long-term management of a property’s trees

The following information is provided for every tree in a tree survey:

  • Tree ID number – trees can be physically tagged at the client’s request
  • Species – in Latin and Chinese
  • Height
  • Diameter at breast height (DBH)
  • Crown spread – estimated size of a tree’s crown
  • Condition* – including current health and structural condition, fungal issues, etc
  • Recommendations* – recommendations for mitigation of any potential hazards or further investigation using specialised equipment
  • Photographic documentation of tree structure and – if applicable – defects*

Every tree survey also includes a PDF report of all the data and photos, with the option of additional hard copies as well.

*ATP also provides tree inventory services, typically required for environmental impact assessments. Tree inventories do not include services marked above with a star.