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Sometimes a visual tree inspection is insufficient to determine a tree’s structural stability.  In this case ATP uses such instruments as the Resistograph ® and Arbotom ® Sonic Tomograph can be used to enable our certified arborists to better understand a tree’s internal conditions.  These tools help us “see” inside the tree to check for possible cavities or decay inside.  Using these types of instruments as well as tree climbing, also known as aerial assessment, is defined as “Level 3 Tree Risk Assessment” or “Advanced Tree Risk Assessment”.  ATP’s arborists are highly trained in tree climbing as well as utilizing these devices.

Resistograph ®

The Resistograph is a drill resistance measuring device that drills a 1.5mm-wide and 45cm-long needle into a tree, which it then uses to generate data down to a resolution of 1/100th of a millimetre. The resulting graph indicates the degrees of resistance in a tree based upon wood density. The device must always be operated – and its data interpreted – by a certified arborist.

Resistograph for Tree Inspection – Device Details

Arbotom ® Sonic Tomograph

The Arbotom is a novel impulse tomography unit that uses sound waves to analyse a tree’s interior. Problems such as hidden decay, invisible cavities and cracks and their severity can be easily detected with this device. The Arbotom allows for precise localisation of defects within a tree, allowing our arborists to make informed judgments regarding a course of action.

Arbotom for Tree Inspection – Device Details

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