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Mitigation Services

In tree care, the goal of mitigation is to reduce hazard or risk to the public. We achieve this through various methods.

Tree Pruning Services

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Tree Pruning Services

Pruning may be the most common maintenance practice in tree care, but every cut made on a tree should be done for a reason, as each cut affects the tree’s future growth and development. ATP’s experienced arborists employ specialised training and equipment to determine how best to prune a tree, with a focus […]

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Tree Removal Services

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Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Application and Compensatory Planting Proposal

When planning a tree’s removal, ATP’s certified arborists can assist with both emergency removal applications, standard removal applications, and compensatory tree planting proposals. This usually includes tree survey, and tree risk assessment reports for submission to the Hong Kong Lands Department to meet tree […]

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Tree Support System Services

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ATP’s certified arborists can identify structural weaknesses in a tree and determine the appropriate tree support system, such as cabling, bracing or bolting options, to address issues before they cause damage. This service is especially valuable in areas prone to typhoons or strong storms.

Trees are constantly growing under the influence of countless internal and external factors. […]

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Tree Health Care

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Tree Health Care

Soil Improvement for Tree Root Development

Trees are more than trunks and branches. Root systems comprise a large and crucial part of a tree’s structure and provide stability and water and nutrient uptake. Not surprisingly, roots often need to be looked at closely in order to analyse and address a tree’s health or structural […]

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