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Phellinus noxius

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Fruiting Body

Mature fruiting bodies perennial, usually from about 3 × 4 cm to 10 × 20 cm up to 40 × 75 cm, mostly solitary, sessile; pilei applanate, dimidiate or
appressed-reflexed, surface dark brown to almost black, glabrous, and narrowly but irregularly zonate, margin white then concolourous, obtuse; pore surface grayish brown to brown, irregular, polygonal, […]

Fuscoporia senex

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Fruiting Body

Fruiting bodies perennial, up to 3.5 × 8.5 cm and 2 cm thick, solitary, broadly attached to substrate, semicircular, convex, consistency coriaceous
to woody hard; pilei surface first fulvous then brown to raw umber, finely velvety tomentose, narrow concentric sulcate zones with stiff, erect hairs, margin 1 mm thick, paler, obtuse, entire, context fibrous, glossy, […]